MSDS Compliance

Environmental MSDS Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

The complexity of environmental compliance and reporting is only increasing, especially as corporate footprints expand globally. Corporations are actively searching for lower cost alternatives while instituting "green" workplace initiatives. The added strain this places on EH&S departments has made tools that streamline processes and offer tangible and accurate reports imperative. An automated method of staying current with regulatory requirements and changing material formulations has become a necessity. SiteHawk monitors global regulatory agencies and trends closely
and supplies our customers with innovative solutions and services.

What's Your Vision?
SiteHawk can assist with your OSHA compliance efforts as well as other country or regional specific hazard communication requirements for global organizations. Each country may have different guidelines for hazard communication requirements, including countries that are adopting elements of the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS). Therefore, it’s important to work with a MSDS partner who understands the requirements for both OSHA compliance in the United States, as well as compliance requirements across the globe. SiteHawk understands your needs and supports your MSDS management efforts no matter how big or small.

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One Comprehensive System
You need one system that tracks chemicals, quantities, and properties and then integrates the information with environmental reporting tools. Tracked material property information should be easily searched and reviewed. And management of global compliance & material hazard classifications must be centralized.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • On-demand regulatory reports, detailed wizards  » More
  • Global list of list cross-references and classification assistance.  » More
  • Quick-link access to agencies, resources, and lists.  » More
  • Centralized quantity, property and formulation tracking  » More
  • Assistance tracking detailed MSDS data  » More
More Accurate and Efficient Reporting
You need a system that automates processes and eliminates redundant data entry to increase accuracy. You'd like the ability to specify user roles so that data entry tasks can be shared but let's you remain in control with data review options. Regulatory compliance assessments should be available whenever you need them, by area and component. You need to be confident the material property data is accurate, up-to-date, and will easily integrate with reporting tools.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • Customizable user roles  » More
  • Intuitive data tracking tools  » More
  • On-demand, detailed reports  » More
  • Reporting threshold comparisons and advanced calculation tools  » More
  • Accurate property tracking assistance  » More
Proactive Control of Hazardous Chemicals
You want a system that helps you manage and reduce material hazard classes by location or department. You want help achieving your continuous improvement goals with enhanced environmental compliance, exposure reduction, and risk management. You need systems that ensure control of banned substances, with purchasing reviews, approvals and notifications.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • Banned chemical control  » More
  • Automated Material Approvals  » More
  • Chemical inventory and quantity management  » More
  • Site and corporate-wide MSDS management  » More
Solutions to Evolving Regulatory Needs
You need a smooth transition to GHS and REACH, ensuring compliance with existing, new, and changing requirements. A vendor should have regulatory expertise and proactively informs you of changes in the global regulatory world. You want tools available when you need them to help manage regulatory challenges that arise from new regulatory mandates and compliance changes.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • Included Regulatory Support  » More
  • Automatic regulatory system updates  » More
  • GHS and EU transition tools  » More
  • Proactive notification of changes and information  » More

SiteHawk Solutions
  • SiteHawk Professional – Advanced chemical and regulatory management
  • SiteHawk Global – International regulatory management
  • SiteHawk Select – Basic chemical and regulatory tracking
  • SiteHawk VeriScan™ – More accurate and efficient chemical inventories
  • SiteHawk Complete – Includes every SiteHawk resource you need to effectively build, distribute and
    manage your MSDSs
  • SiteHawk Services – Over 99% accurate with over 99% customer retention - that's confidence inspired!

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