MSDS Software Solutions

Vendor MSDS Management (VMM) Features
Our MSDS software is simpler, faster, reliable and cost-effective. We offer a wide variety of features and solutions in multiple licensing levels and packages. We'll work directly with you to complete a full needs analysis and help you find the solution that best fits your specific needs. Contact us today!


  • Immediate access to MSDSs – 2-click access to original manufacturer MSDSs in PDF format, facility-specific or corporate-wide electronic notebooks, full access to the complete SiteHawk MSDS Catalog with complete manufacturer MSDSs in PDF, globally available 24/7.
  • SiteHawk QRy™- is the quickest and easiest safety data sheet (SDS) lookup in the industry. QRy allows users to create a SiteHawk-generated QR (Quick Response) code for any material in your notebook.
  • Robust searching – Perform basic, advanced multi-tiered searches, or detailed searches based on material properties.
  • Adaptable, intuitive interfaces – Materials organized in user-friendly ledgers for easy and logical MSDS access, sortable lists, customizable views, and incorporation of corporate branding.
  • Flexible material review – View information in consistent format through comprehensive material summary, section specific pages, or complete Manufacturer MSDS.
  • MSDS version management – Instant access to current historical versions of documents, simple and immediately available archives of MSDSs for materials no longer in use.
  • Facility-specific data fields – Track internal tracking numbers, custom names; customize fields based on your need, attach additional related documents.
  • Detailed property tracking – Fields for tracking Health and physical hazard ratings, classifications for multiple agencies (like EU and GHS), PPE, Pictograms, synonyms, VOC's, and more. Track information for multiple agencies, globally.
  • Chemical area management – Track area PPE, responsible party information, area attachments, and quantities; organize MSDSs by location or area with optional hierarchical designation.
  • On-demand reporting – Fast, customizable reports by facility or combined by corporation for basic chemical inventory review (quantity, location, vendor, material) and advanced regulatory reporting. Available multi-tiered reporting based on material properties, and audit reports for tracking changes to MSDSs and related property data.
  • Workplace labeling – Quick printing of NFPA, HMIS, WHMIS, EU and GHS workplace labels on standard laser printer.
  • Emergency data backup – Functional CD-DVD provided quarterly, includes search, print, and reporting capabilities.
  • User security – Unlimited users, role or user-based feature permissions, default user roles for easy set-up.
  • Vendor management – Multi-level vendor assignment to track manufacturer and distributor information, vendor ledgers and reports.
  • Multi-site management tools – Corporate reports for combined review of all facilities, corporate ledgers, corporate pricing options, user access control with corporate catalog of approved chemicals.
  • Expert education – "Help" documentation, on-demand tutorials and live web-based software training, access to 24/7 support line.
  • Local language pack – Present interfaces and summaries in language of facility personnel, track extra local data, manage multiple MSDSs per record for additional languages.


  • Quantity management – track quantities by chemical, area, and transaction.
  • Banned chemical management – designate banned chemicals, retain control with automated notifications, proactive approval materials.
  • Inventory reporting – on-demand, detailed, customized inventory reports
  • Material approval – customize user lists for review and distribution, integrate approvals with electronic MSDS notebook, review and track status with approval ledgers
  • Automated physical inventory with VeriScan™ – Mobile barcode scanning for accurate inventory management
    • automatic incorporation of inventory date into MSDS management processes
    • portable label printing
    • real-time, on-site chemical location management
    • easy-to-use worksheet for matching chemical inventory results to your MSDS Notebook
    • quickly determine presence of MSDS per material
    • track quantities and notations
    • integrated product image capture options
    • hardware lease or purchase options


  • Global or North American regulatory list-of-lists administration – cross-references your materials or components with regulatory lists, review results in reports or ledgers
  • Classification suggestions – Algorithm and agency rules-based classifications for OSHA, WHMIS, EU, and GHS
  • Regulatory data tracking – customizable data fields, EU Risk and Safety Phrase tracking, EU and GHS data fields.
  • Advanced Tier II and Form R wizards – based on report features may include automatic determination of qualifying components, advanced calculations and reporting threshold comparisons, report archives and duplicate features for next year, quantity imports.
  • Regulatory reports – integrated reporting that includes detailed and regulation relevant information based on your notebook for HAPS, DHS, and SARA 311/312, 313 (FORM R, Tier II).
  • Regulation updates – constant monitoring of regulations, automatically updated software when indexed regulations change, notification and education of changes.
  • Proactive education and notification – website with detailed GHS information and updates (see GHS tab), GHS News-brief for updates delivered to your inbox, SiteHawk Scoop notifications for regulatory mandate changes, updates, reminders.