Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

You know that an effective product stewardship program is one that is able to effectively and efficiently relay accurate and compliant information to your customers. You've been searching for solutions that are affordable and comprehensive and capitalize on available technology while reducing time and resource drain. SiteHawk offers a unique and innovative approach to Product Stewardship. SiteHawk (M)SDS Engineer and SiteHawk MSDS Hosting and Distribution are web-based authoring and distribution tools that make MSDS software setup as simple as using a computer with Internet access. Let SiteHawk handle the
technology, freeing you to implement your vision of an
enhanced Product Stewardship program.

What's Your Vision?
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Reduced Time and Cost with Instant Implementation
You need an authoring system that lets you immediately create GHS and regionally compliant (M)SDS with no extensive setup. Phrases and agency classifications should be included and software implementation simple without involving internal IT resources, while still offering you the control and security you need. Authoring documents should be smooth with timely access to decision making support and resources.

  • SiteHawk Engineer
  • Pre-populated phrases and agency-rules  » More
  • Integrated resources  » More
  • Powerful, page-specific suggestion tools and resources  » More
  • Immediate, built-in help and support  » More
Global, Regional or Agency Compliant Documents
You need to be confident your resources are regularly updated and that your documents meet agency guidelines and mandates. You need to expand your market opportunities with the flexibility to create documents in global or regionally compliant (M)SDS formats and multiple languages, based on your need.

  • SiteHawk Engineer
  • Flexibility of format – by agency, country, rule, document section  » More
  • Outputs in Multiple Languages  » More
  • GHS, EU, OSHA, WHMIS Classification Rules  » More
  • Automatic system and regulatory list updates  » More
Rein In Costs and Fully Use Your Data
In today's market it's important to eliminate costs without sacrificing compliance. You need a system that matches your needs, with flexible pricing options. A system should be reliable and supply expert resources and suggestions, reducing research requirements while ensuring consistent, accurate, compliant material classifications. Manipulate your data and make it work for you to easily create a variety of documents.

  • SiteHawk Engineer
  • Multiple licensing and pricing options  » More
  • Agency classifications and resources  » More
  • Create SDSs and Product Labels (GHS, EU).  » More
Compliant and Streamlined Product Administration
You need simple and cost-effective option that uses the internet to host and distribute your product MSDSs. Seamless and efficient distribution of updated Product MSDSs is necessary, with customer accounts organized by product use and purchasing history.

  • MSDS Hosting and Distribution
  • Product MSDS link from corporate website  » More
  • Incorporate your corporate brand  » More
  • Customer accounts and preferences  » More
  • One-click distribution  » More
  • Data setup services  » More

With greater attention from governments, NGO (non-governmental organizations), and consumers themselves, all companies must take a deeper look at their product stewardship initiatives. Many define product stewardship and sustainability initiatives in a two-fold manner: 1) to develop innovative, effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the environment, and 2) to consider the environmental impact of their business at every stage, from product design, through manufacturing, to the point of sale, and product disposal at the end of life.

Therefore, product-focused companies need to be more innovative with the products they take to market, the materials that go into the product, and the materials and substances that are used in the manufacturing process. In other words, the concepts of sustainability and product stewardship are moving from "nice to have" to "need to have." Online MSDS management is just one step to take in this direction. However, this coupled with MSDS authoring, chemical profiling, and risk assessment programs derived from the MSDS data can be a powerful foundation for your product stewardship initiatives.

SiteHawk Solutions
  • SiteHawk (M)SDS Engineer – Globally compliant authoring (track, label, report, classify)
  • SiteHawk MSDS Hosting and Distribution – Low-cost, Low-hassle, MSDS delivery options
  • SiteHawk Complete – Includes every SiteHawk resource you need to effectively build, distribute and
    manage your MSDSs
  • SiteHawk Services – Over 99% accurate with over 99% customer retention - that's confidence inspired!

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